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Wholewheat Goat Cheese, Fig and Honey Sandwich

Wholewheat Goat Cheese, Fig and Honey Sandwich is a healthy and delicious breakfast that reminds us nostalgically of our childhood bread, butter and […]

Eggplant Tomato Caprese Stacks with Young Cheese

The real Italian caprese salad is named for the island of Capri, where the salad originates, and is designed to resemble the italian […]

Žuža Brence Konc

More than three decades ago, Žuža moved from her native Prekmurje to the Poljane valley, switching from urban life to working on the […]

Three silver medals at World cheese awards

In the past years cheeses have become a big part of our culinary culture – on plates of master chefs as well as […]

Cheese and wine – a perfect match?

“Which wine should I pair with this cheese?” is a question our customers often ask. Of course, “magic” wine that would go well […]

Wholewheat Goat’s Milk Ricotta and Tomato Sandwich

These wholewheat open faced sandwiches, topped with goat’s milk ricotta and tomatoes are the perfect savory breakfast, but are also perfect as a […]

The season of goat’s milk has started

Throughout the last few years, the interest of our customers in goat’s milk products has been growing. Some people like them because of […]

Selected quality

In recent years, trends in different areas have started moving towards things that were already used by our grandmothers and grandfathers. For them, […]

Our vision captured in a new visual image

25 years ago, a wish to offer their customers dairy products and cheeses of the highest quality encouraged Žuža and Milan to start […]

Zenepe Aliti

A special place within our team belongs to Zenepe, who serves our customers at the Ljubljana covered market with great dedication and positive […]