Cheese and wine – a perfect match?

“Which wine should I pair with this cheese?” is a question our customers often ask. Of course, “magic” wine that would go well with all cheeses doesn’t exist, and the same goes for a cheese that could be paired with all wines.

Everyone knows that cheese and wine are meant to be together. The question is, which two are a perfect match?

Although the easiest and most usual way is to pair cheeses with white wines, red wines can have a particular charm when served with a cheese that suits them. When choosing the right combination of wine and cheese, we should rely on our personal taste rather than on established rules. Nevertheless, bearing in mind some general guidelines can be a good start:

  • Softer, fresh and mild cheeses are more likely to go well with white wines.
  • The flavour and aroma of Kosobrin cheese are rather mild, but the rind covered in white mould makes it something special. The best match for Kosobrin can be found among slightly aged white wines.
  • Red wines are a great match for hard cheeses with intense flavours, for example matured Pustotnik cheese from our selection.
  • Extraordinary wines that have to be mentioned are also predicate wines or ice wines. Because of their sweetness, they need to be paired with appropriately strong-tasting cheeses. Our cheeses Hubert, Martin and Florijan are among those with slightly more pungent aromas and rich flavours. The equilibrium of piquancy and sweetness found in such combinations creates a marvellous culinary pair.

As said before, rules are (sometimes) meant to be broken. Perhaps you can find a combination that is against all rules and suggestions, but no less harmonious, balanced and – above all – delicious!

November is upon us and so is martinovanje (Saint Martin’s Day) with numerous events, tastings and wine routes in different parts of Slovenia. There will be plenty of opportunities for tasting and finding scrumptious combinations.

As for us, we will spend two weekends in November (9th and 10th November, as well as 16th and 17th November) underground, in the tunnels under Kranj, taking part in the traditional Wine Route.

 A variety of wine and food stands as well as a great atmosphere are just some of the reasons to “hide” in the tunnels and embark upon a gastronomic adventure in good company.

Year after year, we are happy to be part of the Wine Route story. Impeccable organisation, a unique atmosphere, great exhibitors – and the best of all: there is no signal underground. We tend to forget how nice it can be when we are not available to the outside world, but are simply there – enjoying the moment and the surroundings.

Join us, it will be great!

See you at the Wine Route in the tunnels under old Kranj!