Lili in Jože Andrejaš

The Lectar Inn, a renowned restaurant in the Gorenjska region, is one of the few with such a long and successful tradition.

Its story began more than five centuries ago, when a chandlery and a bakery were operating on the same premises. The latter was famous for its honey-bread hearts, which at the same time gave it a name (in Slovene, a honey-bread heart is called lectovo srce) and became its trademark. In 1822, the bakery was joined by the Lectar Inn.

Nowadays, the inn is successfully managed by Lili and Jože, who, together with their family, continue a nearly 200-year-old tradition.

Despite the connection between our families – Andrejaš and Pustotnik – being younger than that, they have been part of our story from the very beginning.

More than 25 years ago, Lili and Jože were the first restaurant owners who “discovered” us at Ljubljana’s Central Market and decided to offer our homemade cheeses and dairy products to their guests. At that time, it wasn’t as popular to serve local and homemade food in restaurants as it is nowadays. However, Lili and Jože understood that this is the only way to offer their guests the best they can.

Apart from the restaurant, the Lectar house is home to a pension and a museum, where it is also possible to take part in workshops. Our team did that a while ago and had a wonderful afternoon. We tested our skills, managed to make our own honey-bread hearts, and spent a great evening at the inn. We enjoyed its delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and Jože’s musical performance – he is not only a generous host, but also a versatile musician.

Over the years, we have established a special relationship with Lili and Jože.

We hope this story is just the beginning of another long and successful tradition!