Our vision captured in a new visual image

25 years ago, a wish to offer their customers dairy products and cheeses of the highest quality encouraged Žuža and Milan to start a new house tradition.

Throughout years of growth and development, maintaining the same level of quality has remained our key principle. A year ago, we decided it was time to make a step forward also in terms of our visual image.

Nejc Zajec, a very talented student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design who has been part of our team for more than two years, was given a special task – after more than two decades, it was time for our image to get a fresh design.

“I wanted to present Pustotnik Farm in the way I see it myself – as out-of-the-box, interesting and innovative.”

After a few months of sharing and implementing ideas, suggestions and adjustments, a new visual image started to come together. Now, when it’s nearly finished, we asked Nejc to tell us a bit about the creative process:

“The image of a milking pail and a wooden three-legged stool that represents Pustotnik Farm is well-known among its customers. Everyone agreed that we should keep this distinctive element and give it a slightly different, more contemporary shape – so we reshaped it into a stylized image that now represents the company. In the logo, the name Pustotnik is complemented by the company’s enviable year of establishment and their slogan Najboljše iz mleka (Milk’s finest).

Najboljše iz mleka, Pustotnik

Since the very beginning, the idea of a new visual image has been based on a fresh, stylized appearance. Apart from the brown colour that forms the base, the image includes blue, green and yellow. The same colours are used in the image of animals forming a circle, which evokes meadows full of flowers. Meadows are exactly the place where the story of Pustotnik’s products begins.”

Quality is always the right basis and we are delighted that our quality will be represented by a refined and attractive visual image.