The season of goat’s milk has started

Throughout the last few years, the interest of our customers in goat’s milk products has been growing. Some people like them because of their health benefits, while others appreciate their culinary value.

Dairy products made from this type of milk have a distinctive taste and aroma thanks to the special composition of goat’s milk.

Both the taste and the aroma might seem a bit unusual at first. However, they are no stronger than the taste and the aroma of dairy products made from cow’s milk, provided that milk has been produced and stored in good hygienic conditions.

When we first mentioned goat’s milk products, many customers gave us a slight frown and explained that they had already tried dairy products made from goat’s milk but hadn’t liked them too much. In most cases, it turned out that their aversion to goat’s milk was due to a bad experience they’d had. When stored in inadequate hygienic conditions, goat’s milk quickly absorbs the pungent smell of the stable, which is transmitted to dairy products as well – not very pleasant indeed.

Nevertheless, if your experience wasn’t too traumatic, we recommend you to pluck up the courage to try some of our goat’s milk products. Numerous sceptical customers have been pleasantly surprised!

Those who regularly buy goat’s milk and dairy products are already used to the fact that these products disappear from our shelves for two to three months during winter months. Even people who buy them only occasionally quickly notice that they are nowhere to be found, and start wondering where they’ve gone. What is that the answer to this question?

According to a natural cycle, animals start producing milk after they’ve had their first offspring and lactate until their next gestation. Unlike cows, goats and sheep all give birth to their offspring at approximately the same time – from late autumn to early spring. The animals aren’t milked in this period, as they are getting ready to deliver their young.

These are natural cycles, so we shouldn’t disrupt them, but rather let them in the hands of Mother Nature.

These days, the stabled at our partner farms are already full of young goats. Last week, some of them started milking their goats as well, so we are happy to announce that everyone eager to try this year’s goat’s milk products can find them on our shelves from this week onwards.