Selected quality

In recent years, trends in different areas have started moving towards things that were already used by our grandmothers and grandfathers. For them, these were not trends, but a normal everyday reality, in which they had to use their resources sparingly.

Consuming local and seasonal food was the only option they had. In a very short period, increasing globalization and the development of logistics have enabled us to buy anything we want whenever we desire it – we are limited neither to the season nor to our local environment.

Nevertheless, we are returning to what we used to have, as our grandparents knew what was good for them!

In the last few months, we can see the expression “Selected Quality” (or “Izbrana kakovost” in Slovene) more and more often. What is actually the idea behind it?

“Selected Quality” is a new national scheme with strict criteria that determine which foodstuffs and products can be awarded the “Selected Quality” mark. The purpose of the mark is to clearly label the products that are either processed in Slovenia or produced and processed in Slovenia. The scheme includes several different marks, therefore the regulations, criteria and demands that the products have to meet differ as well:



The “Selected Quality” mark encompasses agricultural products and foodstuffs regardless of the ingredients’ origin. It means that the products are processed in Slovenia.



The second mark, “Selected Quality Slovenia”, includes only agricultural products and foodstuffs that are produced and processed entirely in Slovenia. Thus, these products are made exclusively from Slovenian ingredients.



Apart from the products being made entirely from Slovenian ingredients and the production taking place in Slovenia, the products have to meet additional, stricter criteria to be awarded the mark “Selected Quality Slovenia – Farm”. Milk and dairy products that bear this mark have to fulfill these criteria:

  • milk that is processed at the farm comes from the same farm
  • milk that is processed can be bought from maximum 15 farms that are located no further than 25 kilometers from the farm that processes it
  • cheeses are made from raw milk
  • fermented products are made from non-homogenized milk


We are glad to say that the national quality scheme has been prepared in a well-thought-out, systematic and quality manner. Therefore, we believe it will accomplish its long-term purpose and become a synonym for a trustworthy mark, giving customers correct information and pointing out local, Slovenian products.

Let’s buy home-made products and support local producers!