Zenepe Aliti

A special place within our team belongs to Zenepe, who serves our customers at the Ljubljana covered market with great dedication and positive energy.

Zenepe became part of our team more than 16 years ago.

Soon after they started processing milk on the farm, Žuža and Milan opened their first shop at the Ljubljana covered market. At the beginning, they did everything that had to be done on the farm, in the cheese dairy and in the newly opened shop by themselves, but they soon discovered that they will need an extra pair of hands. Although they hardly believed it was possible to find someone who would understand their vision or share their determination and dedication, they found her.

Zenepe, who was already an experienced seller at that time, took the opportunity and joined the team that she is still part of today. Her dedication to our common goals has certainly contributed to unique relationships that Zenepe has established with our customers over the years.

In the following years, we opened several shops that were bigger and perhaps easier to manage than the one at the covered market, but Zenepe always insisted that she wanted to stay there.

The small, cosy shop is filled with her positive energy that creates a special atmosphere.

Every year, we are reminded of Zenepe’s unique relationship with her customers during her summer break. Whenever she takes a few weeks off and is replaced by one of the family members, her loyal customers misunderstand the reason for her absence and want to let us know – in a sad, sometimes even a bit angry way – that we shouldn’t have fired such an amazing seller. When we explain that Zenepe is going to return to her shop immediately after her well-deserved holiday, everyone is happy and calm again.

It is a privilege to have colleagues who work with respect and appreciation, and who are dedicated to our common story. We are deeply grateful for that.

Zenepe, thank you!